Various Choices Used in Self Development Human Design

Human beings are apparently the Apex of all that which God created. Therefore, all of what God created should benefit or be beneficial to us. Life, the Universe and everything LUE was designed by God with us in mind because LUE was created before using prep for us. It LUE therefore has to be an intelligently designed, since God is, presumably, smart though creating the individual species kind of makes you wonder.

That intelligent design involves the design of God’s apex creation itself the human being. The question is does the rhetoric fulfill the facts? Let us begin with the alleged intelligent design or construction of the human being. As an example of so-called ‘intelligent design’ that our nakedness comparative to our furry friend and hominid ancestors and present primate relatives is another hint that God neglected Anatomy 101 – you will find multi-dozens upon heaps of primates just one naked ape people . Why did God create us without fur? If it hits freezing point, we cannot survive without clothes, yet our furry animal cousins seem to handle ok. There is many a picture of a furry mammal surviving, even thriving in the snow. Technology advances have provided a foundation for previous improvements in operations and security and will continue to do so in the future.

Quite aside from the fact that fur is a better regulator of temperature than sweat our principal temperature regulation mechanism, loss of fur led to two other highly negative evolutionary rock and hard place constraints. Another screw-up by our supreme being has to do with our bipedal gait Relative to the remaining mammals. Individual and human design Software interface encompasses processes, zymology and computer programs.  That is probably because there are many drawbacks to a bipedal gait, like loss of equilibrium.

Human Design Development

Humans are more vulnerable to losing their balance and falling over than say a cow or a cat. If you are lonely and quadruped or an insect or even better a spider and lose the use of a leg, then you are hurting but not seriously. If you are alone and bipedal and lose the use of a leg, then you are up fertilizer creek. God should have given us six limbs four legs and two arms. Now that could have been smart design. We have been given by God a temperature regulation mechanism through sweating. Humans of all of the mammals are the species which sweat the most.

Elena Saharova

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